Hoiden Story

H o i d e n S u p p l y C o m p a n y 

Adj: “a girl or woman of saucy, boisterous, bold or carefree behavior”


The trailblazer, the leader, the one who in her own way, stands up, stands out, or stands for exceptional. We’ve all seen them, Cleopatra leading an empire, Coco defying tradition, Rosa’s determination to not give in. To all the women who blazed a trail in beautiful hats, exquisite tailoring and head turning footwear we salute you.

The leaders are still out there, they’ve been waiting. Waiting for a store to bring them exquisite goods to take on the challenges of their lives. Hoiden Supply Company has arrived. The perfect blend of effortless fashion aesthetics, intriguing gifts, lifestyle shoewear and heavy dose of attitude. Hoiden Supply Company carries new designers with old sensibilities. Modern style with comfortable silhouettes, pushing the envelope without pulling away. We only use designers who have something to say, and they say it well.

The wind blowing across our face when we ride, the thrill of discovering a new path across a rocky trail, the laughter in the air during a night on the town. Why should a woman settle for one experience, one mold, and one uniform when they have more than one side?

We may not know exactly where you are headed, but we will help you get there, in style.